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London KPop Dance Workshop was born in August 2011, founded by Tammy and co-founded by Caroline. Their first dance class took place on 5th September 2011.

Starting from just 8 students a class and having the original idea of just doing workshops during the summer holidays and half terms, they then hosted a masterclass with an SM Entertainment choreographer in just their second month and Team LoKo’s popularity began to soar. Not only were the number of attendees starting to increase, but so did the number of members in the team. Other teachers have been recruited during their 6 year reign and can now count 13 members in the team itself.

Throughout the years, Team LoKo’s image has changed. Starting out as just dance teachers for their own workshops, they’ve progressed to become so much more. They are regularly hired by the Korean Culture Centre to teach KPop dances for the various programmes they run throughout the year (namely KPop Academy and K-Culture Classes), and they have also appeared in the media, both British and Korean. They been interviewed by various TV broadcasters and Radio Stations in South Korea, and they have also appeared on Channel 4’s “Sunday Brunch” (2012) and the BBC1 show “This Week” (2012). The team have been featured on many Korean TV stations (MBC, SBS, KBS, YTN etc) to talk about their workshops and KPop in the UK, and to showcase their dancing. Caroline was also flown to South Korea January 2013 to be part of a documentary with SBS.

Team LoKo also became a cover dance group, although this secondary to their workshops and teaching. As the team began to grow, they began to participate in cover dance contests and have been asked to perform at various events. In 2013, Team LoKo were one of the Top 13 Finalists in “KPop Cover Dance Festival” and were flown to South Korea to compete in Gyeongju. Since then, Tammy has flown back to South Korea numerous times to work on the contest that happens annually, and she, Deanna and Nikki also organised the dance performance at Dream Concert 2014.

Team LoKo have been lucky enough to host several masterclasses with an SM Entertainment back up dancer, choreographer and performance director, who goes by the name Mihawk Back (2011, 2014, 2015 and 2017). Having danced and choreographed for some of KPop’s most popular idol groups (SHINee, Girls’ Generation and EXO, just to name a few), these classes have proven to be immensely popular as they are often sold out in minutes. In 2017, Mihawk brought fellow choreographer and back up dancer Kasper, who has been seen working with SM Entertainment and also “1million Studio”. Another choreographer who made his name through “1million Studio” – Bongyoung Park – has taught in London also and held a meet and greet, where he performed, held Q&A’s, played games and took pictures with his fans. The Team also collaborated with “KPop Non Stop” – a Swedish team who organise KPop events – to bring over Mr. Son who is a choreographer for BTS. Team LoKo are immensely proud to bring the UK Kpop fans professional dancers who have personally taught K-Idols to London, so that their students can really learn from the best in the industry.

The Team are also passionate about giving back to the community. After all, the workshops couldn’t happen without students! In 2013, they held their first ever stage production – dubbed “The Hallyu Stage” (Sponsored by KOFICE), and later held their second showcase in 2015 and their third in 2016. These productions included other UK based KPop dance groups/singers to really show off the talent here, and all have been successful. Watch this space for more showcases in the future! Whether you’re part of the show or part of the audience, it’s always about great fun and of course, KPop!

If you would like to contact Team LoKo, please use the information below:

E-Mail: Londonkpopdance@gmail.com

Facebook Fanpage: www.facebook.com/londonkpopdance

Twitter Account: www.twitter.com/londonkpopdance

YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/LondonKPopDanceWorks

Instagram Account: @londonkpopdance

Tammy’s Facebook: Tammy Jane LoKo

Caroline’s Facebook: Caroline LoKo

All LoKo members have had some sort of training in dance including street, ballet, tap, modern, and ballroom. Please note, however, that this does not mean they are professional dancers despite any sort of experience they hold.

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